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Foreclosed Homes: Greater Vancouver Foreclosure List

The Greater Vancouver Foreclosure List is a collection of the latest foreclosures in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

This is a monthly subscription service, with weekly delivery of the content. Every Wednesday the most up-to-date list of foreclosures is sent directly to your email.

The list is formatted in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Each list contains specific information including:
- Names of those involved in the foreclosure proceedings
- Address of subject property (or address of owner)
- Legal description of the property
- Name of the lender
- Name and contact information of lawyer representing the lender
- Current amount owing
- Original mortgage amount (if available)
- Original mortgage date (if available)
- Current interest rate (if available)
- Current payment amount (if available)
- Payment frequency (if available)
- Maturity date (if available)
- Other noted information (if available)


Pre foreclosure leads - Where to find pre foreclosure leads, foreclosure listings and foreclosure lists

Getting pre foreclosure leads is a great way to find distressed properties and bargain prices. A reliable source of foreclosure listings will give you a tremendous advantage in your real estate investing. Instead of waiting until a property is auctioned in the court house where bidding is opened to the public, you can negotiate the purchase of a foreclosure directly with the seller without having to compete with any other bidders.

Some foreclosures are listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with real estate brokerages. Most people are unaware that if you make an offer on one of these realtor-listed foreclosures, you are not guaranteed the price the seller agrees with you. Even after you remove conditions, the judge still has to approve the sale price, not to mention that other buyers can place a higher bid on the property while the judge is approving the sale.

pre foreclosure leads are foreclosure listings of properties that are not listed on the MLS and way before they are auctioned in court. These are lists of foreclosures that are still in the Redemption Period. This is the “grace” period that the judge grants the owners (usually 6 months) that allows them to sell the property or pay off the mortgage some other way. During this time, the mortgage lender has no right to sell or list the property.

With a steady stream of pre foreclosure leads, one can become an “insider” to deals that most buyers and investors do not have access to. Even realtors are not aware that these foreclosure lists exist. The few that do, however, are overwhelmed by the sheer number of properties on these foreclosure listings. They can range from hundreds to thousands of new pre foreclosure leads per year.

There are a couple of providers of these foreclosure lists in the BC region. You will find all the pre foreclosure leads of properties in Greater Vancouver Area, including Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, Mission, North Vancouver, and related areas at these sites.

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